Anabolic Steroid calculator

Download Anabolic Steroid Calculator App: Android What comes to your mind when we talk about anabolic steroids? Well, let me guess: ‘The drugs that sportsmen use to stay strong’. While this is correct to an extent anabolic steroids are used for a variety of reasons. Some steroids are used for medical treatments for conditions like Asthma, hypogonadism, … Read more

Child Support Calculator for USA

This Child Support Calculator is the most comprehensive available online. It is based on the Income Shares Model (used by 40 states in the United States) and the Percentage Income Share Model used by 6 states. This calculators puts into consideration the minimum $600 expected for annual Child support. Children are such priceless and adorable … Read more

How to Create a Fixed Rate Loan Monthly Repayment Calculator on WordPress

Creating a Fixed Rate Loan Monthly Repayment Calculator is quite easy using the Calculated Fields Form plugin. The Calculated Fields Form Plugin has 4 major versions. The free version has several mathematical operators, the professional version allows you to send mail to users and also receive data from them submitted through the form, the Developer … Read more