Peptide Mixing Calculator

Disclaimer: This calculator is a guide, it is not a medical document and it’s subject to the guidance of a medical personnel. Download Peptide Mixing Calculator App: iOS / Android A peptide mixing calculator is a simple calculator that helps you determine how many milligrams (mg) of research are in each unit of an insulin/tuberculin … Read more

Yoga Calories Burned Calculator

Yoga Calories Burned Calculator is meant for you to calculate the number of calories you burn while going through your yoga exercise. The results are based on your Basal Metabolism Index. If you are searching for any of these hot yoga calories calculator, hot vinyasa yoga calories burned calculator, hatha yoga calories burned calculator, bikram … Read more

Fat Intake Calculator

How important is fat in our daily diets and our bodies? When people hear the word FAT, what comes to their mind is unhealthy eating, junk food, too much food, and the extreme thinkers will think obesity. It is true that ‘fat’ has received a lot of bad press in today’s world, but is fat always … Read more